MP3 Mafia: Top benefits of listening to music

Now that music streaming platforms are popping up left and right, listening to music has become more accessible than ever. Every time you’re on a train ride on the way home, you put your headphones on, play a favourite indie song and imagine you’re living in a new city in India. It becomes your best friend when you’re sad, happy or somewhere in between. 

The question is, are there any benefits that come with being a huge fan of Indian music? Does it truly benefit your overall well-being, or is it just another pastime that does nothing other than entertain you? Fortunately, listening to music has advantages that can help you reduce stress and make you happier! Let’s take a look at its other benefits below:

Music greatly lifts your spirits

Have you ever wondered why you instantly feel better when you listen to music tracks when you’re feeling miserable? That’s because music is scientifically proven to cause the release of dopamine—a feel-good neurotransmitter that can make you feel happier. As you listen to music, the striatal system which is composed of the caudate nucleus, cerebellum and hippocampus perks up. It’s the same kind of pleasure that you feel when you watch great movies or eat good Indian food. 

Remember that it only takes about 15 minutes of music listening to help you get in a great mood. If you want to amplify that feeling, combine it with something that you love doing, such as working out, cooking or driving.

It helps you sleep better at night

There are nights that you just can’t put yourself to sleep. No matter how exhausted and tired you are, forcing yourself to get good rest feels like a chore. This is especially true for insomniac people, further putting their overall health on the line.

This is where music comes into play. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, then play your favourite tunes right before you hit the hay. A study has shown that people who listen to classical music for 45 minutes have experienced better sleep than those who don’t listen to anything at all.

It improves your creativity

If you’re in the creative field, then there are days when you just can’t think of anything to create. For instance, you’re a writer who faces the blank page of a document every day because you’re running out of ideas. You just can’t force new things out of your head, which can make you doubt yourself and your abilities. 

However, listening to music can solve this problem. If you need to come up with a creative idea, just put it on an upbeat playlist. The upbeat vibe of the songs will help your brain boost your creativity and productivity. 

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