The most controversial Bollywood songs of all time

Indian music has a unique feel about it that makes listeners dance or sing along to the melody and rhythm. There are lots of Hindi songs that are world-class due to their meaning and arrangement. On the other hand, there are also Bollywood songs that have caused quite the stir among Indians due to unpopular comments on certain issues and offensive lyrics. Take a look at MP3 Mafia’s list of such songs:

Aaja Nachle from Aaja Nachle

Aaja Nachle is a film about how the main character Dia saves the dance studio where she started as it will be demolished to make way for a shopping centre just after her dance tutor dies. There are also some elements of romance in the film but it was overall panned by critics and even barred from showing in some states for the first three days of its release due to one of the songs from its soundtrack.

The song, which is also titled Aaja Nachle, contained lyrics that discriminate towards members of a caste. In the movie, Dia stated that ‘there is chaos in the neighbourhood, even the Mochi calls himself a Sunaar’. In that song, ‘Mochi’ refers to the caste of cobblers while ‘Sunaar’ means ‘goldsmith’. Listeners thought Dia implied that the Mochi caste were inferior to goldsmiths. When the controversy reached the Indian government, the lyrics were changed.

I am a Hunter from ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’

‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ is a crime film whose story revolves around a coal mafia and the power struggles among three crime families. The film has two parts and features an ensemble cast. Unlike Aaja Nachle, however, this film was critically acclaimed and received numerous awards and nominations.

There is one song from the movie that viewers found inappropriate, though. The lyrics to ‘I am a Hunter’ talks about how proud the male singer is of his gun because women want to see it. However, it also mentions that women run away from the sight of his long gun. This led to viewers interpreting the gun as the singer’s genitalia.

Jana Gana Mana Rann from ‘Rann’

‘Rann’ is a 2010 political thriller premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. It tells the story of how the son of an ethical TV station CEO made a deal with a corrupt politician to become the Prime Minister by framing the incumbent of being involved in a terror attack. The film received decent reviews and the cast were praised for their performance.

However, one of the songs from the movie’s soundtrack didn’t sit well with Indian viewers as the song included lines from the Indian national anthem. Director Ram Gopal Verma explains the lines in ‘Jana Gana Mana Rann’ were there to describe the ‘terrible situation’ of India at the time. Following continuous backlash, Verma replaced the song with the classic poem Vande Mataram instead.

Whether listeners like to or not, songs that have earned a terrible reputation still have a place in India’s music culture. The songs on this list now serve as examples of how not to compose tracks that could be the talk of the town. Rectifying lyrical and audiovisual faux pas takes a lot of effort, while waiting for controversies to die out takes a lot of time.

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